Fall 2020 Fashion Forecast

Fall Trends & New Arrivals @ CHOSEN

Fall 2020 is on it’s way and we are so excited to see what trends are coming along with it. Every year we see a new twist on our traditional sweaters, boots, and jeans. This post will show y’all some trends that we can expect to see in the coming months and the apparel that we will have at Chosen to help you be the trendiest version of yourself!

Trends we can expect to see: 

Fall 2020 Maxi skirt trends

Tiered Dresses/Skirts- This look is proof that the hippie look is back and is a trend that we all can get behind! Tiered dresses and skirts are so versatile and can be worn to work, out on the town, or just for a casual day look. The fun part about this trend is that there are so many different forms of this look- whether you prefer a maxi or mini skirt or dress, everyone can find a version that they are comfortable and confident in! Although tiered dresses and skirts are usually associated with the summer because of the light and flowy aspect of them, they can be jazzed up to be worn in the fall as well. Throw on some high boots and a sweater to get the complete fall look.

Puffy Sleeves- One of my personal favorite trends from the spring & summer is here to stay through the fall and I couldn’t be more excited. This trend is from the 80’s but has been transformed into a more contemporary style. The trend has been seen on blouses and dresses and now we are getting to see it emerge onto sweaters as well. Personally I think that puffy sleeves embody more of a preppy and sweet vibe, so pairing them with edgy bottoms creates a terrific look. Minimal accessories are needed because the sleeves speak for themselves.

Puff sleeve blouse

Maxi Dresses- This trend is one that we will continue to see from year to year and will be reminded that it is not going anywhere! As we move from warm weather to cooler weather it only makes sense to pull out a trusty maxi dress. Maxi dresses are great because there are so many different styles that emerge from the same concept. Another great part of a maxi dress is the endless styling options that come along with them. Style them with heels for a dressy look, or booties or sneakers for a more casual look. They can also be dressed down with a denim jacket. Any way that you decide to style your maxi will be sure to make a statement.

Colors we can expect to see: 

The fall colors this year are a lot brighter than the traditional neutral browns, oranges, and reds that we are so used to seeing. As you can see; hot pink, bright orange, royal blue, and emerald green are some of the most eye-catching and prominent colors of the season. We still have some of the toned down oranges and reds that make it feel like fall. Combining these colors is also a trend that we have been seeing for the fall apparel. Also, we will see a combination of the toned down colors with the bright ones for contrast.

We hope that you love what you see and you will have to come into the store to see what other styles we have for the fall. 

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