The Entrepreneurial Spirit that Built America

I am the daughter of a long line of small business owners. During this uncertain time of our country and our world, it has given time to reflect on what it means to be a small business owner. The entrepreneurial spirit is what America was founded and built on.

One my mom's and I's first market buying trips for our small business boutique

We operate for and by the community in which we live. We make our operations work in the most efficient cost-effective way possible to stay in business. We start out small with humble beginnings. We dig and work hard to make the community around us see that we are worthy of their business. In my own start-up timeline, this had taken about 2 years to build up a following of loyal customers in my community, Charlotte, North Carolina. We were just now beginning to see the crop from our two years of hard work. April  20th, 2018 was when Chosen opened. March April May are three key months to the apparel industry and being in our second year we were looking forward to seeing this season be one of our best yet.

Local Charlotte fashion bloggers at local boutique

The devastation of the coronavirus for our little happy pink clothing store is heart-wrenching. To be such a young business in this game we are trying to stay positive in this and believe that our economy will bounce back greater than ever. We are pivoting to more online and virtual shopping but the fact of the matter is our business needs an end date for any further planning.


I do not believe that we can but a dollar sign on human life. And ultimately human life is more important than business always and forever. But I am asking you to keep us in business with virtual support. Keep your favorite local businesses alive in any way you can, while staying safe. When this is all over you want to see your favorite coffee shop, your favorite book shop, your favorite taco spot on the other side of this. It is important more than ever that each community pulls together during this time so we can see our favorite local shops new and old live on the other side of this virus.


Some of my very favorite local spots her in Charlotte NC are

Reids Fine Foods

Woo Cosmetics

The Summit room

NC Redds

Viva Chicken

Green Brothers Juice

Traditions Home Interiors

Selwyn Pub

Kid Cashew 

300 East

Paper Twist


Not Just Coffee

Pasta and Provisions

Sozo Gallery 

We would love to hear some of your local favorites as well 



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