Fashion with Heart: Inside and Out

Fashion with a purpose

From the start of Chosen we have always been focused on finding unique fashion brands that are doing amazing things in the world wether it be through environmental efforts, providing employment to those in developing countries, or committed to donating a percentage to a charity of some sort. 


Sika designs is one of theses amazing brands that is not only stunning in design but also doing amazing things in the Ghana community. Phyllis Taylor, the creative director behind Sika, has been a long standing designer that has been committed to ethical fashion. Taylor wanted to prove that quality fashion garments could be both be ethical and environmentally responsible to their core. For Sika this means offering fair wages and providing employment within Ghana.

If you have been around the ethical fashion scene for long you know that finding quality and interesting garments can be a challenge. People can have great mission but can miss the mark when it comes to quality production. I have also found that brands that might have quality lack interesting design. The ethical fashion industry as seemed to focus mostly on basic and more casual designs. Sika has made truly stunning dresses with a European flare while also maintaining the beauty of the colorful African soul with the Batika cotton fabrics they use in their garments. Most of this is due to their clothing being designed in a fashion capitol, London, and then produced in Ghana. 

Taylor's vision in 2005 that fashion had the power to make a positive contribution to society has defiantly been proven true. People around the world have begun to realize that their daily purchases have the power to create good or bad in the world. And now with beautiful companies like Sika it makes it easy to want to purchase with purpose. 


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