Until it’s DONE

cystic fibrosis Fashion with a purpose

Cystic fibrosis, I am ashamed to say I had never heard of until I met Mallary Horton. I will never forget being at a holiday pop-up shop over hearing this adorable young mom explain her jewelry line gave 25% to the CF foundation for research. Hearing little bits all day and just how contagious Mallory’s passion for bring awareness about this disease I had to know more. 

It turns out Mallary’s first child, Palmer, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after being born. It is a genetic disease that causes build up in the lungs making it very hard for the children to breathe. Not only that but because of this illness these children and young adults get sick very easily and stay in and out of the hospital. 


Mallary’s passion for advocating for not only her daughter but for the whole cystic fibrosis community has been nothing short of amazing to me. She created a beautiful meaningful jewelry line that has been designed and named after children in Charlotte NC that have CF. We are honored to carry our it in Chosen. 

The research for CF has come so far just in the past 10 years. The life expectancy has risen to 42 years old for these 30,000 young adult and children that have CF. But there is so much more to be done until every person suffering with CF can have a normal life expectancy. To help fundraise for research we have made an UNTIL ITS DONE T-shirt and tank. 100% of the money will go toward the CF foundation for research

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