Fashion with a Purpose in Charlotte, NC

Style with purpose varies in both facets within CHOSEN. Items can give back to organizations right here in Charlotte or across the world to a third world indigenous country. We carry some lines that are completely non-profit to items that donated a portion of proceeds, or even go as far as to make sure they are empowering their employees with opportunities that they might not find other wise. 


We actually have 3 brands in the store that are dedicated to empowering people here in Charlotte through their products. Empowered for Hope  is a brand that stands for diversity, inclusion and empowerment of all women. They use African Print fabrics to remind wearers that their purchases are something more than a garment. They are representations of strength and beauty found in the women in Burundi. The proceeds of these sales are used to support programs and initiatives for Amahoro. But the skirts are providing employment for local Charlotte refugee women. 

Fashion for Compassion is another Charlotte based organization that make beautiful accessories. They are helping women who have fallen off the ladder of economic mobility re-gain that access or help women gain access to the ladder for the first time. Every piece of jewelry is designed to make a difference... a difference in a woman's story, in her family, in her future. 100% off the profits are reinvested into transforming women's lives. 

Sel De Vie is such a stunning jewelry line that has an even more beautiful story. 

Thirty thousand children and young adults in the United States fight this challenging and life-threatening genetic disease, affecting mostly the lungs and GI system by clogging important organs with thick, sticky mucus. 

The name Sel de Vie comes from the fact that salt plays such an important role for those affected by CF.

Each necklace in our collections are named after children in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area who fight Cystic Fibrosis. 

Sel de Vie is proud to give 25% of all proceeds towards important CF research with the hopes of increasing the life expectancy and improving the quality of life for those living with CF. Each necklace you buy gets us one step closer to the hopeful reality of people with CF living normal, healthy lives. 

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