My Experience as an Intern By: Sydney Bernhardnt

My Experience As An Intern

August 1, 2018

This past summer I was able to intern at Chosen Women's Apparel in Charlotte, NC (see prior blog post on more info about boutique). This internship was such an amazing experience filled with lots of activities, experiences and most importantly, personal growth. I must say that this internship has helped me enhance my knowledge in the fashion industry, how to coordinate events, and how to run an efficient website. Also, without this experience, I would not have met two amazing ladies that I will now keep in contact with for many years (s/o to you Caroline and Kayla)! 


You see, life experiences (whether bad or good), are all about what you learn from them and what you make it of it. Sure there were some days I didn't want to get up early and dress cute for work, but this taught me how to be accountable and responsible! Yes... this is how you do it in the real world! But let me tell you, I am so glad I did get out of bed and walk into  Chosen Women's Apparel boutique as much as I did.


Some of my favorite experiences as an intern was attending America's Mart in Atlanta, Georgia, helping plan an exclusive Charlotte Blogger Networking party, helping create Chosen's online website (edit pictures, upload photos, model, etc.), and enjoying brainstorm coffee sessions with Kayla and Caroline! Each experience, whether small or large, taught me something about myself - I am capable of so much more than I thought. I have realized this summer that how you life your life is all about your mindset. I have chose to fill my mindset with determination, fulfillment and happiness and now I feel so accomplished to say I completed my first internship! 


Not only will this internship teach me life lessons down the line, but it will also allow me to reflect on my abilities to make a difference in the fashion industry some day. 

Outfit Details:

Top - Charlotte Graphic Tee (thank you Caroline)! 

Bottoms - McGuire Jeans (Chosen Women's Apparel)

Shoes - Belk! 

Thank you so much Caroline for giving me this opportunity, and I hope to continue to make you proud down the line! <> pi love

Thank you Kayla for becoming one of my good friends, and now having a new workout partner with at school! ;)

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